A pioneer piano academy, combining the highest level of personalized education with an entrepreneurial touch, mentoring, and career advancement.


Think Forward

Who was Paderewski?

Ignacy Jan Paderewski, a pianist, composer, pedagogue, scholar, entrepreneur, statesman and ultimately the first Prime Minister of Poland, whose dedication and hard work enabled him to become the most sought after pianist of his generation, a status that allowed him to bridge nations, inspire, unite and make a difference in the world. Therefore we are proud to name our pioneer institution Paderewski Academy (PA).

Standard education vs. PA

Standardized piano education results in even the most talented, skilled and motivated graduates struggling to survive in the music industry. They very often lack outstanding piano skills and don’t know the rules of the game within the business. They have difficulty paying off student-loans because they are incapable of making a decent living after their education.

At the Paderewski Academy, short PA, our primary goal is to individually mentor each student’s pianistic and musical growth, help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset and guide them directly into the music business.

Standard Academy

Paderewski Academy

Highly made-to-measure
Personalized classes
Personalized schedule
Year-long classes
Entrepreneurship training
Career guidance

Mentors and Faculty

Our international team of mentors consists of artists, pedagogues, presenters and entrepreneurs, all experts in their field, and all united in the idea of raising the student’s musical awareness to the highest level. Our team focuses on open-minded approach as well as on student’s musicality, creativity and readiness for the well balanced, successful and fruitful career in music.

Our piano mentors have their roots directly in the Golden Age of the Piano: they were themselves taught directly or through “grand-teacher”-relations by Artur Rubinstein, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Vladimir Horowitz, Ignacy Friedman, Alfred Cortot, Wilhelm Kempff, Nadia Boulanger, Heinrich Neuhaus, Zbigniew Drzewiecki, Adam Harasiewicz, Idil Biret and many others from the line of Chopin’s “grand-students”. This rich reservoir of tradition, knowledge and practical approaches – nowadays largely forgotten – is the focus of the Paderewski Academy.


Other mentors

We are collaborating with specialists and experts in music and career-related fields, business and entrepreneurship, who guide the PA-students along the way. The selection of mentors is tailor-made to our students’ needs.



  • Year-long classes
  • 208 lessons / year
  • Personalised schedule
  • Flexible schedule
  • Multiple subjects
  • Multiple tutors
  • Career advancement
  • Possibility of BA / MA degree
  • Fee: starts at 23’000 CHF


  • Flexible schedule
  • 15 lessons
  • One subject
  • One tutor
  • Fee: starts at 1’500 CHF

Founding Team & Mission statement

The Paderewski Academy (PA) was founded by Paulina and Ingolf Wunder in cooperation with Martin Labazevitch to bridge the musical and artistic values of the past, with the entrepreneurial and technological advancements of the present, in order to inspire and educate young musicians of the future. Without personalization and creative approach there would be no Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt and other great musicians that laid the foundation for western music as we know it. The world has changed but the human potential and emotions haven't. Therefore humans are as capable to feel and create music and understand musicality as past generations. We believe that only highly personalized education has the power of making an impact and breaking off from the standardized learning. Therefore the PA strives to combat the regular education's factory approach, which creates so many mostly unhappy, unimaginative musicians and teachers and shape happy, creative and powerful human beings instead, which also happen to be fantastic musicians. Our modern music world is in need of a change and a fresh approach and at the Paderewski Academy our students will find exactly that.


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We have set up a fund to help students that cannot afford the tuition fees.

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We have set up a fund to help students that cannot afford the tuition fees.<br>
If you would like to support us, please use the link below.

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