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It is a highly made-to-measure and personalized piano and entrepreneurship academy.
However we don't only aim to educate highly talented musicians to become the best in their craft but primarily aim to equip them with the tools enabling them to become successful in the music business as well as anything they would decide to set their mind to in the future. In other words, we strive to get people ready to thrive in the music business and on the world's stages but if for some reasons the student realizes it's not for them, the focus can be shifted to whatever field is needed to for example start his/her own business, become great at being a manager as well, be a promoter or whatever is chosen by the student in collaboration with our expert team. The most important thing is that the student develops the skill of critical thinking and becomes a successful and happy human-being.

Our motto is "Think forward". Our curriculum is highly made-to-measure, with personalized goals that are adjusted regularly, depending on the student's development, progress, opportunities, realizations and other events. It's a highly intensive schooling that functions as an "umbrella institution", which guides highly talented students to their life goal of becoming a great musician and happy human being.

It is meant to be for students between 15-30 years of age who are talented and open-minded. Also, in some special cases, younger students can be accepted after a review of the PA panel. Parents of very talented students, younger than 15yo, should not hesitate to contact us.

Paderewski Academy is a hybrid solution, which means it combines online lessons and – if both, mentor and a student are in the same location and agree for such an option – offline lessons.
Each lesson is live and one-on-one. All online lessons take place in a specially prepared PA environment on APPASSIMO.com, a platform dedicated for music institutions and their online lessons, masterclasses and courses. More info about this topic will be given in the on-boarding meetings.

Our main mentors include experienced piano teachers and world-class musicians, who devoted their lives innovating music education in addition to their extensive performing careers.

Our mentors in all other fields (from theoretical subjects to entrepreneurship and business) are highly successful in their respective fields and comprise of international, successful startup and company board members in the full-profit and non-profit environment, with ties to the United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations, international TEDx and motivational speakers, sportsmen, psychologists, managers, promoters, executive record producers and many more.

No. Since our curriculum is made-to-measure, we collaborate with a network of mentors in various fields. Depending on a particular student’s potential, needs and level, we also set up sessions with mentors who are not in our core team.

Yes. According to the assessment of our expert panel, a main piano mentor and a second piano mentor is assigned to you. After you have been accepted, you will receive more information during our on-boarding meeting.

Yearly plans consist of 208 hourly lessons:
• 84 piano lessons (2/week) with piano mentor no. 1

• 24 piano lessons (2/month) with piano mentor no. 2

• 100 lessons are set individually, according to the needs of each student. These 100 lessons cover such subjects as: ear-training, piano sound, improvisation, history of performance, stage presence, stage fright and stress management, history of arts, music business and its structure, law, preparation for competitions, preparation for music industry, do’s and don’ts of the music world, people of the music business, entrepreneurship, creativity, critical thinking and additional piano lessons.

+ guidance, recommendations, tips

+ regular checks on improvement level and schedule adjustments

Theory in practice! For better results many of the subjects are implemented during piano lessons. Some subjects are also merged into one – depending on student’s current level and knowledge.

The detailed schedule is being decided in collaboration between the PA team and each student individually. Everything is tracked in a special software. In order to avoid extended breaks between lessons, they will continue during holiday seasons.

Milestones and other goals:
In order to maximize the results, each student sets his individual goals and milestones together with the PA team.

You will learn how to become a professional pianist, by going through our tailored-made courses, that prepare you directly for the career, as well as for the life in the music industry and business in general. The personal goals we set together will define what exactly you will need to learn, in order to achieve them. In the course of our tutoring, the goals will be constantly adjusted to bring you where you want to be and where your skills allow you to go.

Yes. Our mentors teach you the DO’s and DON’Ts of the music business, such as career mentoring, self-management, time management, work ethics, fund-raising, record industry or critical thinking. Also, there will be a cooperation with international startup mentorship programs. With our mentors, the routes to go forward in life will naturally reveal itself and there will be a bridge directly into the professional life.

Each lesson is not less than 60 minutes. However, if the current subject requires it, it might be slightly prolonged.

A minimum course length at the Paderewski Academy is one year. After each year, the student can decide whether they want to continue the education at the PA or not.

The Paderewski Academy is not limited to scheduled lessons. It requires from its students not only to work on their pianistic skills, but also to read recommended publications and books, write occasional essays on subjects related to the scope of the course, watch movies and videos related to the course and be able to discuss them. This way, students advance their ability of critical thinking and creative thinking which will give them an advantage in their professional life.

Being strict alone doesn’t bring expected results. Therefore, PA team makes sure that all its members are not only demanding but also friendly, inspiring and motivating human beings, for whom each student is an individual with his unique set of strengths, weaknesses, talents and fears.

The main language of the Paderewski Academy is English. However, due to the international background of all of our members, the lessons can be held in other languages as well. This decision can be made by the mentor and the student and can be can be decided on a case-by-case basis.

The answer depends on your individual curriculum. PA’s lessons are held one-on-one, however, you might have a chance to attend our online group sessions, summer courses and other online and offline PA group gatherings.

Pleas contact us for more details.

At the moment - not directly (subject to change). We do however, in special cases, offer our help and guidance in the funds to cover the tuition expenses.

Actually not. Our suggested range is 15-30 years old, but every human is different just as every career is different, therefore our course is totally made-to-measure and highly personalized.

Yes. Since PA course is made-to-measure, the breaks and days off are individually set by mentors and each student.

Yes, we do. Made-to-measure is the key and holidays will be mutually agreed upon with the mentor and if either party is unavailable at a particular date, they will mutually agree on a suitable alternative.

Yes, we do. Made-to-measure is the key and holidays will be mutually agreed upon with the mentor and if either party is unavailable at a particular date, they will mutually agree on a suitable alternative.

Fill out the Application form diligently. Make sure you have a video link of 10 minutes representative of your playing. In case you pass the application form stage, we will invite you to the live online audition, during which you will play in front of our PA Panel followed by an interview.

There are two options.

Each yearly course with a PA diploma which lists the scope of the studies.

BA and MA degree:
PA collaborates with a Swisss University. In case the student decides to apply for an BA or MA degree, the PA will inform the student about the additional requirements needed to obtain a Swiss Bachelor of Arts or Master of Arts degree.

No. You can attend the Paderewski Academy for one year without an intention of graduating with an BM or MM degree.

Having said that, in case you change your mind, in most of the cases you will be able to attempt getting an BA or MA degree. We will inform you about all additional requirements needed.

Yes. Even if your lessons are online, the Paderewski Academy will assist you to find a suitable chamber music partner, with whom you will be able to play chamber music and have lessons with our mentors.

Made-to-measure is the key and if classes are lost, mentor and student will mutually agree on a suitable alternative time and date. This rule won’t apply in case the student turns out to be unreliable on a regular basis.

The Paderewski Academy is meant for highly talented and motivated students. Our unique made-to-measure system is very intensive and less classes than foreseen would not do our mission justice. Having said that, since everything is made-to-measure we might be able to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please contact us.

Yes, of course.

As is every student's curriculum, the on-boarding process is also made-to-measure, which means after you have been accepted, your wishes will be thoroughly taken into consideration. But they have to align with the assessment of the PA Panel, which will assign the main piano mentor and second piano mentor to you.


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