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Gloria Campaner

Widely present in the multi-media world and its artistic expressions

Gloria’s concerts are often accompanied by works of very refined visual artists and broadcast in national public radios and televisions (RAI, BBC, SKY, CNN, RSI, ClassicFM). A full documentary about her was released in 2013 by RAI5 for the TV program ‘Petruska ‘ and she was one of the protagonists of the art documentary for SKY Arte “The Heart of Stone”, directed by Luca Scarzella, inspired by compositions of Scrjabin and dedicated to the ‘sounding stones’ of the great Sardinian artist Pinuccio Sciola from whom she directly learned how to play his ‘singing sculptures’ . She is also committed to artistic collaborations in the fields of classical/electronic fusion, and with contemporary composer such as Wolfgang Rhim, Jörg Widmann, Rodion Schedrin and Giya Kantcheli. Recent premières include new works dedicated to her by Márton Illés, Marcello Abbado, Vittorio Montalti and Giovanni Sollima.

Gloria is also a very passionate lecturer around the world, regularly offering music courses and piano masterclasses for international Universities (Columbia University in New York City, University of Cape Town, Nelson Mandela University of Port Elizabeth, Tokyo Music College, Stockholm Royal Academy, Beijing International Music Academy, University of Maastricht , UniRio (Brazil), Mimar Sinan University (Instanbul), AAF Academy in Mexico City), Cal Poly (California  USA), Loyola Marymount University of Los Angeles, USEK University of Beirut (Lebanon) and USP – Federal University of San Paulo ( BR). In 2019 she also founded her own educational project named C# – See Sharp: a creativity workshop for young musicians and performing artists, helping them to overcome stage fright and how to better deal with all the Psycho-Physical stress that comes whenever any kind of performance is getting closer in our lives. Her mottos are: “fight your frights, focus your emotions and express your creativity.”


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