Paulina Wunder


Paulina Wunder, born in 1984 in Warsaw, Entrepreneur, Manager, Creator.

She showed signs of her unusually high creativity very early. Already as a three-year-old child she recorded her self-invented stories for hours and hours on a tape recorder.

Mrs. Wunder moved to Germany with her family, being only a few months old and was introduced to different nations, cultures and tastes from infancy on. Her unique sense for music & arts in general was given to her as a gift in the cradle by a highly musical and artistic family. Her uncle was the most important musicologist in Poland, her father was a solo oboist at the Warsaw Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and had his own record label, her mother being a painter and into fine arts.

Mrs. Wunder completed her school education in Warsaw and was always in front of her peers in terms of passion, depth and her profound thoughts about the world. She felt very early on that there is something wrong with the education system she was in and especially with its standardization. These thoughts lead her to always go her own way, no matter which circumstance and to find root causes and truths in everything that interested her.

When she wasn’t designing, drawing or writing, you could usually find her behind a book to fullfil her interest in good literature with her immense focus.

To challenge her learning ability and to quench her curiosity she went to study Asian studies, Korean as well as journalism at the University of Warsaw and graduated with flying colors.

In 2010, she was just in progress of widening her horizon even more by taking courses at the Sorbonne Université in Paris, when life gave her an opportunity to start working inside the top of the classical music business, and she immediately took on and mastered all the new challenges with ease and grace.

She fully managed and traveled with a touring artist for now more than 10 years and counting. She plans and organizes events, was involved in numerous Universal Music releases and also an executive Producer of a Deutsche Gramophone CD. She visited 50 countries by now and next to all that, she is also in charge of Social Media campaigns and content creation (photography, video, writing).

Due to the richness and diversity of Mrs. Wunder’s life, it was always part of her to be an entrepreneur and to think out of the box. With these experiences and skills, it was only a matter of time until the right opportunity came along to co-found a startup.

Mrs. Wunder co-founded APPASSIO to create the framework to pursue her vision for a personalized music education system that works for everybody, which the current old system doesn’t.

In June 2020, she co-founded a platform dedicated to artistic institutions called APPASSIMO, which is being used by thousands of users every day as well as big institutions such as Berlin University of the Arts, Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin, Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover, University of Graz, University of Linz, Frankfurt University, University of Klagenfurt, Ottawa University and many more.

She takes on any challenge, she asks why, sees through people and problems immediately and always finds a way to make it work perfectly. These are the vital functions in her startups.

Since the World Economic Forum in 2019, Mrs. Wunder and her startup are also involved in United Nation SDG activities – SDG4 “Quality Education” in particular.

Privately Mrs. Wunder is a masterful chef, a food lover that is interested in all kinds of tastes, she loves interior-design as well as building her own creations and is a world explorer and traveler by nature.


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